I am an award-winning multi-disciplinary contemporary artist with practices in both painting and graphic design. My art is self-reflective, an introspective exploration of self-discovery and ultimately an intimate form of emotional expression. My work is influenced by the American Abstract Expressionists movement (1940s and 1950s). I work solely in acrylics and paint non-objective art through colour theory and abstract expressionism. I explore life themes such as love, loss, transformation and new beginnings. My intention is to capture the emotion of an experience by implementing the fundamentals of colour and form and the principles of graphic design. I work with colour to create rhythm, movement and depth. My gestural brush strokes and signature black markings create a dynamic impression of spontaneity, energy and motion to complete the emotional narrative.



Spence Gallery, Toronto
Denison Gallery, Toronto



2023— Neilson Park Creative Centre 30th Annual Juried Exhibition / Third Place Award / Juror Kim-Lee Kho